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Toyota Supra 2018 Release Date, Engine Specs, Interior Design, Performance and Price

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The Toyota Supra 2018 is a famous sports car from Toyota and it can have its name changed.

Toyota and BMW made a partnership where the new Toyota Supra 2018 is going to use the same platform of the BMW Z4. However, and despite what might happen in the future, we just can’t wait to see the new Toyota Supra 2018. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Toyota Supra 2018 Release Date


According to the last rumors, and five years of slow development, we might have the chance to see the release of the new Toyota Supra 2018 during the 2017 Tokyo Motor show in October.

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Toyota Supra 2018 Price


There’s not a defined price yet so we can only speculate on it. Judging by the changes that the Toyota Supra 2018 is believed to have, we are anticipating that the Toyota Supra 2018 starting price will be between $50,000 and $60,000.

Toyota Supra 2018 Redesign and Changes


There are already some spy photos on the Internet and these are just confirming what we were anticipating regarding the new Toyota Supra 2018 design.

By looking at the front of the car, you can see many cues from the FT-1 concept, especially in what concerns with the nose part. The new Toyota Supra 2018 seems to have the perfect blend between the bumper and the hood, complemented with 3 large air vents.

Looking at the rear, we get the impression that the Toyota Supra 2018 continues with the similarities with the FT-1 Concept. The duck-like spoiler, the tail, and even the horizontal taillights are very much alike.

Toyota Supra 2018 Video

Toyota Supra 2018 Specs


We already mentioned the partnership between Toyota and BMW above. And this partnership extends to the engine. In fact, BMW engineers are the ones that have been developing the new Toyota Supra 2018 engine.

In what concerns with the entry level model of the Toyota Supra 2018, you can expect to see a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine (of the B48 generation). The levels of power will vary between the 191 horsepower and the 252 horsepower. In respect with the higher trim of the Toyota Supra 2018, you will see a straight-six-cylinder, powered by the B58, and that has the ability to produce 340 of horsepower and the ability to produce 450 pounds-feet of torque.

There are also some rumors pointing to the existence of a new hybrid version. In this case, all the hybrid powertrain systems – the battery, electric motor, and electronics -, will be designed by Toyota.

Toyota Supra 2018 Interior


In what regards to the interior of the new Toyota Supra 2018, we are not expecting any changes despite there isn’t much information available at this point. The only thing that we actually know is that Toyota should continue to focus their main attention on the driver seat in order to offer the best driving experience. Other than that, we believe that the Toyota Supra 2018 interior will be less spartan and less extreme that the FT-1 concept.

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