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Toyota Sienna 2018 Release Date, Engine Specs, Interior Design, Performance and Price

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If there is one kind of vehicles that are hardly ever updated is big family cars or minivans. And the reason is very simple. The buyers for this kind of vehicles aren’t very interested in exterior designs, turbocharged engines, or cutting-edge entertainment systems. They’re mainly interested in getting a car that provides them with reliability, capacity, and have a high-torque engine.

And this is exactly the case of the Toyota Sienna. Every since it was released to the market back in 2011, it has only received minor upgrades. However, Toyota feels that now is the time for a change. And they are releasing the Toyota Sienna 2018 in a near future. The new Toyota Sienna 2018 should feature a new transmission as well as a new engine. However, the trim levels should remain the same as they are now – SE, LE, L, XLE, and Limited.

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Toyota Sienna 2018 Release Date


You can expect for the release of the new Toyota Sienna 2018 in late 2017. Despite there isn’t an official date yet, everything is pointing to this period.

Toyota Sienna 2018 Price


Despite the fact that Toyota Sienna doesn’t usually have many updates, we are nos expecting an increase in the price. So, the starting price of the Toyota Sienna 2018 should remain at around $30,000.

Toyota Sienna 2018 Redesign and Changes


Despite major changes are not likely to happen in the exterior of the Toyota Sienna 2018, the fact is that we should be able to spot a few changes when considering the previous version.

The fact is that the current Sienna version is already showing some outdated design, especially when you compare it with Chrysler Pacific, for example. However, as we already stated, the main concern with minivans isn’t the way they look but how the act on the road.

The main things that will suffer an upgrade on this new Toyota Sienna 2018 are the front lights that will be greater than the previous model.

Toyota Sienna 2018 Video

Toyota Sienna 2018 Specs


Under the hood of the Toyota Sienna 2018 you’ll be able to find a new engine. The previous version was using a classic 3.5-liter V6 engine 2GR-FE. However, in the new Toyota Sienna 2018, the engine will get a direct fuel injection that will give it additional power. The new engine will now have the ability to produce 296 of horsepower, rather than just 266 of horsepower.

For 2017 model year there are at least 2 major updates were announced, which will be obviously kept in Sienna 2018. First of all, it is a new engine. The classic 3.5L V6 2GR-FE unit has received direct fuel injection system which leads to new 2GR-FKS index, as well as 30 HP power increase (now it’s 296 HP instead of 266 HP previously).

In terms of transmission, there is news as well. The old 6-speed automatic gearbox is being replaced by an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Sienna 2018 Interior


In what concerns to the interior of the new Toyota Sienna 2018, you can count with new seats as well as with a redesigned directing wheel.

In terms of technology, the Toyota Sienna 2018 should include satellite radio, a DVD player, USB ports, Bluetooth, air infiltration, and a remote web network structure.

Related to the safety systems that are included, you can expect to see quality adjust control, electronic stopping mechanism, Emergency Kit Aid, programmed tire weight checking, Emergency Brake Assist, and tilt-adaptive wheel control.

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