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Is 2018 Ford Bronco Coming Back?

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When the first Ford Bronco was introduced back in 1966 it was lightweight and small. However, the model released in 1978 was just another Ford model that was overweight and a bit porky. So, in 1996 Ford gave up on the model although many Bronco fans appeared claiming for it’s come back.

More than 20 years were needed to Ford bring back the 2018 Ford Bronco to life. The manufacturer finally admitted that they will bring the 2018 Ford Bronco back during the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. However, they didn’t show any model. They just limited themselves to place some graphics with the new Bronco in the background.

2018 Ford Bronco Release Date

2018 Ford Bronco front

All the official information available at this point is that Ford will be releasing 5 utility vehicles up to 2020. The 2018 Ford Bronco should be one of them. Although some people are pointing 2018 as the year for the re-appearance, we are not really sure it will happen so soon.

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2018 Ford Bronco Price

2018 Ford Bronco side

Although the most direct 2018 Ford Bronco competitor – the Wrangler – starting price is at $24,000, we believe the 2018 Ford Bronco shouldn’t be so cheap. Although we don’t have any official information, we are pointing the starting price of the 2018 Ford Bronco to $27,000.

2018 Ford Bronco Redesign and Changes

2018 Ford Bronco back

According to what was announced, both the 2018 Ford Bronco and the new Ranger are going to be produced in the same Michigan facility. So, we suppose that it’s likely that both models share the same platform. After all, they are both midsize off-roaders or midsize trucks.

What we have been seeing from many manufacturers when they start to produce an older model again is that some of them tend to incorporate a retro styling. So, will Ford do this on the 2018 Ford Bronco? We really don’t know. However, what we believe is that with retro or no retro styling, the Bronco will still have a recognizable face.

2018 Ford Bronco Video


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2018 Ford Bronco Specs

2018 Ford Bronco engine

Although most manufacturers are going for hybrids, we don’t believe Ford is going to do it. At least, not with the 2018 Ford Bronco.

Even though it was amazing to see a V8 engine under the hood, we’re not counting on it. We are expecting to see a v6 engine that should be able to produce around 300 of horsepower. But this shouldn’t be your only option. You should also be able to opt for a 2.7-liter inline four engine on the base model. This would allow Ford to compete directly with Jeep.

2018 Ford Bronco Interior

2018 Ford Bronco interior

Although we have no idea about how the interior of the 2018 Ford Bronco will be, we are expecting to see them incorporating the latest technology and safety measures. So, you should expect to find adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning with lane keep assist, rear view camera, pedestrian recognition. blind-spot monitoring, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Navigation, Bluetooth, USB, among others.

According to our opinion, we believe that Ford may be preparing something special for this edition of the 2018 Ford Bronco. After all, not every model is away more than 20 years and come back.

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