2019 Mercedes GLB – Celebrating The 40th G-Class Nameplate Anniversary

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If you are a Mercedes-Benz fan, you are always anxious and looking forward to seeing what this amazing automotive brand is about to show you. The reality is that Mercedes-Benz has a couple of mitic cars and SUVs and, from time to time, they like to make some clever and interesting updates to them. And this is exactly what happened with the 2019 Mercedes GLB.

The G-Class is, without any question, one of the most iconic classes of Mercedes-Benz. So, they are about to get a completely new redesign.

There are already some spy shots all over the Internet of this new beauty. While at first glance the 2019 Mercedes GLB seems to be just a boxy G-Class, when you look closer you’ll see there are a lot of differences.

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2019 Mercedes GLB Release Date


Mercedes wanted to do something special to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-Class nameplate that is due in 2018. So, you can expect to see the 2019 Mercedes GLB hit the market during 2018.

2019 Mercedes GLB Price


Unfortunately, the information about the prices is still very scarce, as well as in what concerns some features, especially in the interior of the 2019 Mercedes GLB. So, there is neither official number from the automotive company as well as there aren’t any rumors about this yet. We think that we are all just waiting to see what’s included first.

2019 Mercedes GLB Redesign and Changes


Luckily, there are already some spy shots that were taken to the 2019 Mercedes GLB, Simply put, the 2019 Mercedes GLB combines the some of the contemporary design of the 2014 G-Code concept and the styling cues that were used in the military vehicle design the first time it appeared, more than 30 years ago.

When you look at the 2019 Mercedes GLB, you’ll notice that it’s much thinner than the current G-Class. The best way to verify it is to look at the grille, hood, and even the windscreen that are larger on the current model. Another main difference is related with the headlights that are now LEDs.

The 2019 Mercedes GLB is not only thinner but it is also shorter.

We believe that the 2019 Mercedes GLB will be using more aluminum as well as high.strength steel to help reduce weight.

Even though there are significant changes, we still believe that we can expect to see a rugged 2019 Mercedes GLB.

2019 Mercedes GLB Video


2019 Mercedes GLB Specs


Just like it usually happens with most Mercedes-Benz cars, you’ll have plenty of options under the wood. In fact, you’ll be able to choose between 6 different engines.

We are expecting to see the 1.6-liter and the 2-0-liter four-cylinder engines which are capable of producing 224 of horsepower.

In case you’re looking for the AMG, they will also feature some different models. You can expect to see 300 of horsepower on the GLB 43 AMG, 450 of horsepower on the GLB 63 AMG.

2019 Mercedes GLB Interior


We are expecting to see a completely different interior on the 2019 Mercedes GLB. The reality is that we are assuming that we will have a new Comand 6.0 touchscreen infotainment system that was already included in some of the most recent models.

You will be able to choose between different styling packages including increased ride height, extra cladding, or even a rugged-looking off-road appearance.