2019 Honda Insight – Setting The Pace For Others To Follow

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You can be certain that the world is gradually moving to electric cars. So, Honda isn’t lagging behind in the race.

In fact, the making of 2019 Honda Insight is to tell the world that they have what it takes to champion the electrification of cars in the automotive industry.

The 2019 Honda Insight comes with impressive looks and fantastic designs. We looked at some of the features below:

Release Date

It is expected that the Honda Insight may delay a bit, but may be found on sale from car dealers beginning from the summer of 2018.


The price is arguably within the range of $22,000 – $24,000

Design and Changes


This Honda Insight comes in about 4 different trim levels – that is the LX, Touring and EX). Each of it boasts of a special system of safety called the Honda Sensing Suite.

This safety system helps to give a caution when a head-on collision may want to occur. It also has an automatic brake to caution drivers when they drive off their lane. It has also the ability to recognize road traffic signs, to give a sign to the driver to be on alert to obey it.

The Touring and the EX-trim levels have the ability to keep a good eye on the different lanes on the road and help to see a wider range of cars coming behind when a driver changes lanes.

The LX trim level has a rearview camera that can see from several angles. When driving the 2019 Honda Insight LX in the city, it can give an impressive fuel economy of 55 mpg, while on the highway, it falls to 49 mpg.

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Some of the other exciting equipment you will find include; wheels that are 16-inch aluminium, the start (a simple push-button), it has running lamps and the headlights are full-bright LED.



There seems to be a fantastic, yet a little confusing approach that Honda employed around their hybrid powertrains idea.

The 2019 Honda Insight produces a 107 hp with a pairing of 129 hp from a 1.5-litre inline-4. This gives about 197 pound-feet torque and a 151 horsepower when you measure the combined output.

The system for this car is a two-motor hybrid format. The gasoline engine is not involved in the propulsion; it is rather powered by the battery and the electric motor. When the three power course is fused together, it can drive the front wheels.

Based on this power system of the 2019 Honda Insight, there has not been a need for any transmission, be it the variable one or the automatic one.



It conveniently sits 4 people, with enough leg space. Nonetheless, for a family of 5, the 2019 Honda Insight will still contain you.

For cargo, it gives ample space for that too and the batteries of the car do not interfere at all into the package.

The LX model has a display that is 5 inches wide and used to control audio. There one USB port for your device and you can also connect through Bluetooth.

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