2019 Bentley Continental GT – More Grandeur In Everything

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Here is a more aggressive and eager ride that will sweep you off your feet. The 2019 Bentley Continental comes with new designs and updates on previous versions of the Continental models.

The hood, the cabin and the front all got new specs and shapes.

We have detailed some of these exciting features below for your pleasure and to make a buying decision on the Bentley to get.

Release Date

The sales of the 2019 Bentley Continental started in March 2018


To be on a safer side, as you are thinking of getting this car, be aware that the Price range of the Continental is between £156,700 and £160,000.

Design and Changes


There is a special design for the suspension of this car, there is one, linked in multiple faces at the rear and the other one, and it is of a double wishbone (that is the Y-shaped suspension component) at the upfront, both are made of aluminium.

A lot of focus was placed on the steering functionality, including how the chassis responds and the handling. For this reason, it has a build in of 48 volts running as a setup that can use two fuels.

Another special design that comes through is the automatic e-activation of the safety feature for the stabilizing of vehicles called the anti-roll bars; it can bring in as high as 959 lb-ft of resistant energy to stand against side accidents.

The 2019 Bentley Continental GT comes with the brake-vectoring setup and it is capable of moving the rotating force in this vehicle from the outside and inside wheels.

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You can also see that there is an update in the air suspension. What you have now are new shocks have three compartments and it has the ability to hold 60% more air.



Bentley has released what they consider as the global most advanced and sophisticated engine in its category.

The 2019 Bentley Continental GT, when it was launched at March 2018 offers only one choice – the petrol-powered 6.0-litre W12 engine. This Bentley’s power is 626bhp within 3.7 seconds it can sprint up to 62mph.

You can expect a cheaper and yet, elegant version of the 2019 Bentley later on, the 4.0-litre and V8 type. This Bentley will give up to 31 miles basically running on electric driving. Its power will be 456bhp; no wonder the price is much lower than the W12 engine version.



Don’t take our word for it, but looking at the interior of the 2019 Bentley Continental, you are assured of a gorgeous-look on the inside of this car.

The fine touch of putting the wood in the right place, cutting leathers into the right mix and lacing metals accurately, has always been the beautiful ingenuity you can expect from Bentley. This time around, as always, they didn’t disappoint.

The dashboard comes as a sparkling surface, that when it flips in a rotation, it reveals the 12.3-inch screen with fully-packed information and entertainment.

There are three knobs to customize different functions and it has a compass and a lot more sections to fit the entire dashboard surface. They are all made for easy use and there are shortcuts that help you to navigate the functions quickly.

READ  2018 Bentley Continental GT - A Completely New Design

The 2019 Bentley has the basic 4 seats that you will find in a generic everyday car. The seats are made of fine leather quilts, with beautiful stitches and decorated designs.

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