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2019 Alfa Romeo – Fancy Tweaks and Packaging

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While we aren’t sure of the exact time that this neatly packaged car will make it to the market, we are sure it is a vehicle you will want to ride in when it finally comes on board into the automobile line.

The Alfa Romeo 2019, though is not having a lot of changes compared to the present model, the slight upgrades are worth your attention and time for that matter.

Read below a new car review of what to expect from the 2019 Alfa Romeo.

Release Date

Up until now, there have only been speculations and no official release as to the date of launching of the new 2019 Alfa Romeo, there may be some word from the manufacturers soon, be sure to keep tabs to more updates.


The industry speculations have it that the price of 2019 Alfa Romeo will start from $40,000 and as you move through the trim levels, there is the possibility to have the price to move up to $76,000.

So, you should check the trim level or model that you want to budget accordingly.

Design and Changes

2019 Alfa Romeo

The changes in terms of design and looks for the 2019 Alfa Romeo can be hard to recognize, but we have identified some of the upgrades that you may miss, for you to know the things that were added and the things that were removed from the current model of the Alfa Romeo.

You will notice some changes in the wheel option of 19 inch and 17 inch. There is a new 2019 Alfa Rome that has an interior of ice colour. Now, you have a V-shaped grille, you also notice that the tips of the exhaust are dark, the door sills are illuminated in the 2019 Alfa Romeo.

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The dashboard of the 2019 Alfa Romeo has a leather wrap and a stitch that is contrasting. These can be mild changes, yet they are important additions.



You can expect that the 2019 Alfa Romeo will not experience any real changes in its engines. It will maintain the status quo of 2.0-liter powertrain, and it is still 4 cylinder while being turbocharged.

It will generate a torque that is about 306 lb-ft and give off a horsepower of 280. One of the other trim levels will come with a 2.9 liter and a V6 engine, it will likewise be turbocharged and will generate about 505 horsepower.

Other features that you should note is that the 2019 Alfa Romeo will also have some safety systems, such as blind-spot monitoring, it will have a cruise control that is seamlessly adaptive.



You can expect the 2019 Alfa Romeo to have the same interior material as the current model in the market – such as metals, wood and leather.

There are strategic systems for information and entertainment. It is also possible that there will be some upgrades to the software in the touchscreen region stretching over to the dashboard.

The seats are comfortable and they have a few leg rooms for your pleasure. There may be a need to still bring in more new designs to the seats and legroom in the future manufacture of the 2019 Alfa Romeo models.

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