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2018 Volvo V60 Release Date, Engine Specs, Interior Design, Performance and Price

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There’s no one who doesn’t know Volvo in Europe. In fact, they built their brand by producing boxy and big wagons that were extremely safe. However, at some point, they realized that they needed to make a clear bet on the design and they started adding round edges and curves.

It is still true that their main goal is not making well-designed vehicles but to make sure all passengers are safe. In fact, it’s important to mention that back in 2015, Volvo said that their main goal was to have all their vehicles by the year of 2020 with no deaths.

If there is a difference between the old Volvo and the new Volvo is the fact that they are now combining both aspects – both design and safety. And there’s no better choice that the new 2018 Volvo V60.

2018 Volvo V60 Release Date


The 2018 Volvo V60  was just launched at the New York Auto Show just when we were expecting it.

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2018 Volvo V60 Price


Although there aren’t any official prices for the new 2018 Volvo V60, according to the numerous rumors and our opinion we believe the entry model should start at about $36,000. However, if you’re looking for a 2018 Volvo V60 fully-loaded, then you can expect the price to go as high as $60,000.

2018 Volvo V60 Redesign and Changes


With the new 2018 Volvo V60, we are expecting to see different variants of the model. According to a lot of rumors, we should be able to get a standard 2018 Volvo V60 station wagon, a 2018 Volvo V60 Cross Country, and a 2018 Volvo V60 Polestar.

In case you’re not familiar with the Polestar, this is exactly like the AMG works for Mercedes-Benz or the BMW has the M division.

2018 Volvo V60 Video


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2018 Volvo V60 Specs


Under the hood, we are expecting to see a lot of changes in the new 2018 Volvo V60. You will probably be able to find a 2.5-liter and a 3.0-liter gas engines with forced induction. They should be able to make 250 of horsepower and 350 of horsepower, respectively.

In what concerns the 2018 Volvo V60 Polestar, we have been listening to some rumors that point to a hybrid version. Despite it would be amazing to see a hybrid with more than 400 of horsepower being produced, we are not quite sure that Volvo will get through this path. After all, hybrids usually have an extra weight associated and although 400 of horsepower would be more than enough, we don’t really know if Volvo is ready to take such a huge step.

2018 Volvo V60 Interior


The 2018 Volvo V60 should use the SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) platform. This means that although it represents a decrease in the overall weight, the fact is that Volvo is committed to the security and safety of their passengers. So, as you keep adding extra safety features, the weight is going to increase and you might end up with a more rigid and car as well as with better handling and ride at the same time.

Ultimately, if there is one thing that you can always count on from Volvo is their amazing comfort. And you can be sure they will manage to get it with their new 2018 Volvo V60.

In terms of the ultimate technology, we are hoping to see they include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, 3D navigation, Bluetooth, 4G Wi-Fi, and USB on the standard model.

Then, depending on the trim level you choose, you may also enjoy other features like blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic alerts, automatic pre-collision braking, lane guidance with steering assist, among others.

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