Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator – The Bold Design

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With the third generation of the Lincoln Navigator around for more than 10 years, it was about time to see the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator. And we must say that it didn’t let down all people who have been waiting for this new launch. In fact, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator impressed with over the top gull-wing doors and its futuristic design. 

While the 2018 Lincoln Navigator got a lot of critics because of its bold design, the truth is that in a class where almost all the cars are the same, the Lincoln definitely stands out. From new engines, a complete new and bold design, new features and technologies, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is better than ever.

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2018 Lincoln Navigator Release Date


Introduced at the New York Auto Show, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator still doesn’t have an estimated release date. However, Lincoln announced that te production would start in September. So, we can expect to see it later this year.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Price


Even though there is no official announcement of the price just yet, we believe that it will go up a bit. After all, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is getting a complete new design, a luxury interior, high-end technology, and more performance. While the current generation starting price is at $64,000, we are thinking about a starting price for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator around $74,000.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Redesign and Changes


The 2018 Lincoln Navigator uses the same chassis as the previous generation as well as the F-150 truck. While you may think this isn’t good, the truth is that it’s not bad at all.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is almost all made of aluminum. However, it will be 300 punds heavier than its predecessor. And this is mainly due to the larger and heavier engine the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will hold.

Just like it happens with the current generation, you will be able to choose between the short and long wheelbase versions of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. However, the design is pretty much the same which is really something unique.

In the front of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator you have a huge chrome grille that us very similar to the Continental one. The headlights will wrap around the fenders.

While the design remains a bit bulky, the reality is that it is a lot more polished than the current generation.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Video


2018 Lincoln Navigator Specs


Under the hood of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator you will find a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 gas engine that is capable of producing 450 of horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. If this doesn’t ring you any bell, it’s almost the same as the Raptor.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Interior


Inside the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, you will not find any resemblance with the current generation, and this is just amazing.

One of the things that you’ll immediately notice is that the car seat is a lot lower that you might expect. Plus, the center stack is not filled with a lot of buttons to make your life easier. Instead, you only have the HVAC vents, climate controls, and the infotainment screen.

In what concerns with the center console, this has more buttons but still, the design is very clear. While you’ll be able to find some premium leather finishes inside the cabin in the standard version, higher models come with wood inserts and real aluminum as well.