2018 Kia Sportage – Is It Worth The Price?

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When Kia was first launched, they were known by their unbeatable prices. However, a lot has happened in the last 24 years and they are now assuming a position of a competitive brand not only in terms of price as well as in terms of the quality and features of their vehicles. And one of the best examples is the 2018 Kia Sportage.

When the current generation was launched, there was a big controversy in what concerns the their exterior styling. However, it seems that buyer have already accepted and maybe this is one of the reasons why the 2018 Kia Sportage doesn’t have a lot of changes in the exterior. The truth is that the new 2018 Kia Sportage maintains its original exterior design but there are some changes in what concerns the trim levels offered as well as the equipment.

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2018 Kia Sportage Release Date


The good news is that you can already find the 2018 Kia Sportage on the dealers.

2018 Kia Sportage Price


While the price has increased, the raise is not as big as you may have expected. In order to get the standard version of the 2018 Kia Sportage, the price only increased $300, starting at $23,500.

2018 Kia Sportage Redesign and Changes


The reality is that most people tend to find the 2018 Kia Sportage exterior odd. However, some people find it ugly. We believe that buyers already had the time to adapt to the exterior design of the SUV, which can be an advantage for Kia.

One of the things that you’ll notice is that the exterior design varies depending on the trim level that you choose. For example, in case you’re thinking about a top trim, you will have a Kia with a lot of chrome details, and a good projection headlights and fog LED lights.

2018 Kia Sportage Video


2018 Kia Sportage Specs


In case you’re considering buying the 2018 Kia Sportage, you have two different engine options to choose from. The standard car comes with a naturally-aspirated 2.4-liter displacement. The engine is capable of producing 181 of horsepower and 175 pounds per feet of torque. The second option that you have is the 2-liter turbocharged engine, that is able to produce 240 of horsepower and 260 pounds per feet of torque.

Both engines come with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, AWD, and FWD layout.

2018 Kia Sportage Interior


One of the things why the compact crossovers market has been increasing is the fact that these vehicles are great to drive.

The 2018 Kia Sportage interior is very well-made and still remains more expensive than the Audi models. All passengers have a lot of space for both heads and legs like their main competitors, which is great. The comfort is also good, especially for the driver who gets to have a higher glance at the road.

One of the things that we believe should be enhanced is the sound insulation when you’re driving at high speed.

The touchscreen multimedia differs depending on the trim level that you choose. While on the standard model, you get one with only 5 inches and a 6-speaker audio (the LX), on the SX trim (the highest trim), you get an 8 inches system that includes satellite radio and navigation besides having an 8-speaker premium sound system.

As for the standard version of the 2018 Kia Sportage, you can expect to have power adjustable mirrors, power windows, rearview camera, cruise control, air conditioner, and remote keyless entry.