2018 Chevrolet Avalanche Release Date, Engine Specs, Interior Design, Performance and Price

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Chevrolet Avalanche was a success when it was launched for the first time. The 4-door pickup was launched back in September 2001 and only one year later, it was awarded as the 2002 Model Year. However, in 2013, Chevrolet decided to discontinue the pickup because the sales were too low. However, we are now seeing a new increase on the demand for new pickups and this might bring the Chevrolet Avalanche back in the upcoming year.

The new 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche should be smaller than the last version. However, this won’t mean they are sacrificing the interior of the pickup.

2018 Chevrolet Avalanche Release Date


Usually, we get to see some rumors as well as spy-shots a few months prior to the launch of a new model. However, so far, we haven’t seen anything related to the 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche. So, what we can say is that it’s more likely to only have the pickup reach the dealerships at the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018.

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2018 Chevrolet Avalanche Price


Again, we don’t have any information regarding the new 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche price. However, and according to our opinion, the base price should be around the $40,000. We are basing this price on the fact that this is a completely new model and Chevrolet did invest a lot of time on it.

2018 Chevrolet Avalanche Redesign and Changes


Chevrolet will be using a lot more aluminum, some composite materials, and high-strength steel on the new 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche. This will make sure the new model will be a lot lighter – maybe about 200 pounds – than the previous version.

The new 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche shouldn’t be squared, boxy, or big. Quite the opposite, We believe that the new 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche will feature an aerodynamic design that will make it ready to compete with their most direct competitor – the new Honda Ridgeline.

2018 Chevrolet Avalanche Video


2018 Chevrolet Avalanche Specs


We have been hearing some rumors that Chevrolet is developing some new V6 and V8 engines for their different vehicles. So, if this is true, we strongly believe that the new 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche will not be launched with an engine inferior to a V6. This engine should probably be a 3.5 or a 3.0-liter. You can expect it to produce between 280 and 340 of horsepower as well as it should have about 400 pounds of torque.

In what concerns with the transmission, we believe that you will get a 10-speed auto.

2018 Chevrolet Avalanche Interior


Despite the fact that we don’t have any confirmation, we believe the 2018 Chevrolet Avalanche will include 4 different trims. So, you’ll have different interiors with different options, depending on the trim that you choose.

Nevertheless, it is worth to mention that some of these features should already be included in the standard model. These include the adaptive cruise control and dual-zone climate control, USB Ports, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, LCS instrument display, an 8” touchscreen, rear cross traffic alerts, lane guidance with lane keep assist, rear-view camera, blind-spot monitoring, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, pedestrian detection with automatic emergency braking, and rear-cross traffic alerts.