2017 Honda Accord Coupe – Sporty, Noteworthy And Reliable

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Honda Accord has always been one of the best cars that you can’t refuse.

When you think about the ways the features are put together for optimal functionality, the medium size that it come with, or when you reflect on the safety that it provides, you will want to buy it.

What you get in the 2017 Honda Accord Coupe is quite different from what you have always known about Honda, it is quite sporty and it comes with aV6 engine.

There are more features, and they are highlighted below – the price, the specs, the release date and lots more.

Release Date

It was released as at June 2016. It came at the same time that the Sedan models was also unveiled alongside the Coupe.

So, you have a choice between these two when you want to buy the 2017 Honda Accord.


You can expect the prices to be in the range of $24,025 – $34,375 based on 5 trim levels, and some options that you may want to add or remove.

Design and Changes


This car is able to produce 185 hp and torque that is worth 181 lb-feet from its 2.4 litre engine. This brings great excitement for you, as you will get far more control as you pedal your 2017 Honda Accord Coupe, no matter where you are – on a windy day in the heart of the city or on the highway.

It comes in a sporty form and it’s hard not to notice it – this is an overall characteristic of the Honda coupe design. You can also expect to see a rather longer wheelbase and the general length is a bit shorter.

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The 2017 Honda Accord Coupe comes in a number of exciting trims, it has about 5 and they are the EX-L, Touring, EX-L V6, EX, and LX-S.

As you can expect, each of the trims has special features, and as you move from a level of trim to another, you should expect that there are prices changes. It’s like saying, ‘the more you get, the more you pay’

The 2017 Honda Accord Coupe also has that amazing feature called Honda Sensing. This is a rather advanced safety suite for Honda. This feature is readily included in all the trim levels of this car, except in the Touring trim (it comes as standard)



What you can do immediately you go right into the 2017 Honda Accord Coupe is that you can either heat it up or you can turn it cool, all by a knob – the automatic climate control.

Do you have a family size of 5? Then, the 2017 Honda Accord Coupe is just right for all of you. There is a massive 42.2 inches of space for you to spread your legs when you sit at the front, then for passengers at the back, they have up to 33.2 inches for their legroom.

Do you love music and will like some of it? The 2017 Honda Accord Coupe got you covered with its audio system. If you want to listen to your collection of MP3 music or to the radio, that’s fine.

If you have your music on other devices, with a few clicks, you can use Bluetooth to connect it to the audio system or even dive in with internet radio (it can easily connect to any mobile hotspot that you have).

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